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電機工程系 Department of Electrical Engineering

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Name        : PAO-HUA, LIAO (廖 寶華)
Education  : M.S, E.E., Chung Hua University
Research   : Microcomputer Systems, SoC, Mixed-Signal IC Design
Office         : Electrical Building, E404
Telephone : (02) 29097811 Ext. 2641
E-mail        : Michael@mail.lit.edu.tw
Name         : Li-Chih Chen (陳勵志)
Education   : Ph. D. E.E., Yuan-Ze University
Research    : Multimedia, Image Recognition, Image Processing
Office          :Electrical Building, E404
Telephone  :(02) 29097811 Ext. 2641
E-mail         : lcchen@mail.lit.edu.tw
Name         :Hung-Liang Chen(陳宏良)
Education  :Ph.D., E.E., National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Research   :Power Electronics
Office         :Electrical Building, E101
Telephone :(02) 2909-7811 Ext 2613
E-mail        :hlchen@mail.lit.edu.tw
Name        : Ching-Yang Chien(簡靖陽)
Education  :P.h.d., E.E., Tamkang University
Research   : Power system, Automatic Controll, Distribution System.
Office         : Electrical Building, E305
Telephone  : (02) 29097811 Ext. 1160
E-mail         :yang@mail.lit.edu.tw
Name           : Win-Der, Lee(李文德)
Education     : PhD in Electronics Engineering, National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan)
Main research interests: superconductor; processes of semiconductor device; surface
plasmon resonance effects; photonic crystal; near-field optics.
Office :Electrical Building, E201
Telephone : (02) 29097811 Ext. 2621
E-mail : leewd@mail.lit.edu.tw
Name         : HUNG-WEI, LIN (林浤偉)
Education   :  National Defense University
Research    : DSP, Embedded System, Control System
Office          : Electrical Building, E202
Telephone   : (02) 29097811 Ext. 2605
E-mail          : hwlin@mail.lit.edu.tw